By Fabiola (Plot 232)
After living in Australia for ‘only 24 years’ , I still missed a dish enjoyed through my childhood at home in Argentina, a small , round soft skinned pumpkin eaten through out Argentina and as I found out, Uruguay and some other neighboring countries as well.

After a lot of thinking, asking, searching all known local seeds suppliers and Internet sites as far afield as the USA, there seemed to be no hope to get hold of the seeds anywhere!.
Then, after a haitus for regrouping my thoughts , a light bulb went on and I decided to contact Digger’s and check if maybe ….maybe …maybe I could bring some seeds into Australia.
After some explaining , we established that it was a summer squash and therefore It was not restricted to enter Australia as soon as it was sent in a proper sealed commercial packet with its name properly displayed.
A quick phone call to my very helpful sister and 2 packets arrived in the mail but I had to wait until September to plant them.
They started slowly mainly because I was too eager to sow in a still very cool beginning of spring, once established , they thrived and produced an abundant crop of delicious zapallitos redondos de tronco. Another few phone calls to my favourite aunt and she finally parted with ‘her’ recipie which produces the most delishious zapallito stuffed with its own soft seeds and scooped out flesh, fried onions , bread crumbs , eggs, some cheese a bit of white sauce all gratinee in a hot oven ….beautiful!
Many South American friends had to be recruited and were delighted to help consume them since they where very fast growing.
If you would like to see them,they are on the north side of my plot (Plot 232).

Note: Be careful of importing plants and seeds from overseas. Australia has very strict laws to protect our own plants from diseases and pests. Check with Customs and follow the rules like Fabiola did.