Our Aim

The aim of Nunawading Community Gardens is to work in a healthy, friendly stress free environment sharing knowledge, skills, swapping vegetables and reducing our food miles. We garden organically, growing mainly vegetables, though flowering plants are permitted. We encourage all ages and have a diverse range of nationalities enriching our knowledge base.


Nunawading Community Gardens were the first community Gardens in Victoria. The Jolimont site was the original site established in 1977. The founding members created the gardens as they still exist today. A few years later some members living near the Slater site noticed some vacant land and approached council for permission to create this second site. With a lot of hard work Slater Gardens came into being.


The Jolimont site has approximately 140 plots while Slater has 48. Members are expected to maintain their gardens to a fair standard without causing concern to neighbouring plots. It is expected that plot holders will maintain paths surrounding their plot, keeping them weed free as well.

Organic principles must be maintained at all times and members are asked to attend two working bees per year.


Cauliflower at Plot 234                                                                                – by Shen (Plot 226a)