Slug Party

(by Heike Jindra from Whitehorse Urban Harvest Swap)

Slugs must have an installed GPS, when it comes to sassing out where there is beer! I am absolutely amazed how many slugs I had caught at the same spots over and over. I think soon I would be claiming to having caught about 1000!

For many years have I been collecting slugs in low containers filled with beer, but never had I caught a tiger slug (the large ones 7-10 cm in length).

At our new place with a large vegie garden it became obvious that I needed to reduce and hopefully eliminate the population of slugs.

So, in order to save beer, I decided to use small, but high containers, about 5cm in diameter and about 8cm in height (ex tomato paste and/or cream of coconut). Surprise, surprise, the depth of beer created by filling them half full, disabled the tiger slugs to crawl out again. Their and their little cousin celebration ended floating in beer. I was jubilant!

Now, I collect free beer from a nearby pub. To explain: sometimes beer is not completely consumed by customers and returned in the glasses to the bar in due course of cleaning the table. This beer, rather it being emptied into the sink each time, is being collected in a large jug right underneath the serving counter, perfectly suited to be poured into my container. I just ask for SLUG BEER and am known for this request already.

I am also amazed, how long this beer is active enough to attract slugs. I think I had it out once 3 weeks and the containers were littered with these pests.

Good luck in creating your own Slug Party.

Snails in the garden

Snails in the garden