Make Use of the Path Soil and Keep Path Weed Free

With the cooler days, it is the best time to tidy up the paths around your plot.

We will soon have a diagram (by Gael) explaining a good way to clean up the weedy paths.

Multiple benefits to tidy up the paths – for one, by digging up the weeds on the path, it will stop the weeds coming into your plot, which makes maintaining the plot easier. More time and effort to grow your favorite vegetables than pulling put weeds.

Secondly, the rich dark soil underneath the woodchip is the best soil you can get and it’s FREE! Dig them up and top up your plot. Not only your plants love this nutritious soil, you are also adding height to your plot and draining the rain off your plot and along the path.

You can easily find beautiful dark soil under path, like this:



Left of the picture is a portion of a plot covered with the soil dug up from the path.
In the middle is a row of very happy garlic chives, sitting next to the garden edge.
Right is the path being cleaned up, you can see the difference in height.

You can dig up this path within 2 hours.
Cover it up with layers of newspaper and woodchips to prevent weeds coming up too quickly.
This way you make use of the path soil and keep path weed free!
Hard work but well worth the effort!