Crazy Hands

By Gael (Plot 234)

Want to have a pair of crazy hands in the graden?

You need concrete, rubber gloves, bucket and a container to mix concrete.
House paint and a helper.

Crazy Hand

  • Mix concrete in bucket. ( get Mum or Dad to help.)
  • While someone holds glove open pour concrete in making sure it goes into fingers.
  • You may have to squeeze the finger to make sure concrete goes to finger tips.
  • Fold end of glove over and seal with a rubber band and leave to set.
  • Wash hands in a bucket as you don’t want any concrete going down the drain.
  • Tip washing up water on garden.
  • Next day take off gloves and paint your concrete hand with glossy house paint.
  • You might have to paint one side, leave it to dry then paint the other side.
  • You can get small pots from the paint shop if you don’t have any.
  • Dance around your lovely hands then put in garden where it looks a bit dull.