By Gael (Plot 234)

Caraway (Calum carvi) has been used for five thousand years, it is an ancient spice and has many superstitions associated with it. It’s flavour is characteristic of German and Austrian cuisines. The Egyptians used it to bury their dead, Shakespeare mentioned it in his writing
and Prince Albert liked it so much that he introduced it to Britain.

caraway   Caraway is a medium sized biennial with a soft feathery foliage with umbels of white flowers in Summer. It is mainly used for its seeds which have a pungent spicy flavour with a hint of aniseed. The leaves are like dill to which it is related, and the roots can be used by boiling,tasting like the seeds. It is used for flavouring cheeses, cabbage, bread, poultry, soups, stews and sausages.

Seeds can be used to make a Tisane for digestive problems while the seeds can be chewed to sweeten the breath and dispel dyspepsia

It will grow in any soil with little attention other than the occasional weed and watering.
It is a perennial and should be cut and dried so that the seeds can be thrashed or shaken out.

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