Potato Problem

A Jolimont plot holder finds his potato leaves look sick –

Potato Problem

So far research has suggested that it could well be herbicide damage – Aminopyralid.

This plot holder sourced grass clippings from the local bowls club which would definitely use herbicides. He added the clippings to his compost and applied the compost to his plot.

We have sent a sample of the sick potato plant to the AG Department to get the sick plant tested. We will keep you inform when we receive the mycology result.

If you put grass clippings into your composts, please make sure they are clean and not contaminated. If you are not sure of the source, don’t add them to your compost – you don’t know what you end up eating.

If you have sick plant, not just potato but any sick plant, please do not add it back to the compost but dispose it into your household rubbish bin.

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