Mosaic Paver

By Gael (Plot 234)

For a fun activity, make a mosaic paver for your garden.  Great activity for children. You will need…..

  • Ceramacrete (do NOT mix near sinks as it can block drains.)
  • Broken china, glass wishing stones, coloured tiles etc (tesserae)
  • Grout (comes in a range of colours) (can BLOCK drains.)
  • A paver
  • Some old rags and a sponge. Materials available a hardware store if not in your shed

* Mix the ceramacrete to a soft toothpaste consistency.
* Spread evenly over paver.
* The children or yourself can then arrange the tesserae into a patten on the ceramacrete making sure to leave a little space between the tesserae.
* Leave to dry till the next day.
* Mix up some grout to a firm toothpaste consistency and spread over the entire surface of the paver pushing the grout in between the tesserae, wiping off excess grout when you have finished. (this will cover the pattern so assure any little people it will come back what we clean the tile.)
* Wet your sponge then ring out till just damp and clean surface a little more. Don’t worry about a film left over surface. This will polish off when dry.
* After an hour or so, polish the paver with an old rag and hey presto!
* Congratulate yourselves and put it in your garden.