Improving Soil Quality

By Fabiola (Plot 232)

To deal with your organic waste quickly, blend it in batches in your normal kitchen blender.
I add enough water to make it very runny and then I pour it straight into my plant pots, then ´massage’  it into the old water repellant soil.


So far it has improved the soil quality and its water retention ten fold.
I have two big pots and now added some outdoor plants to the ´organic slushy rotation´.
And best of all no more stale compost bucket in the kitchen!

It is also noted that the ‘blended compost’ does not attract rats and other pests as there isn´t any residue.
It is well blended into a liquid and mixed with the soil so there isn´t any bits and pieces big enough for any pests to eat!


Please also refer to the SGA article on improving soil quality – Using Coffee Grounds in the Garden.