Potato Salad with Lovage

Recipe from BBC Food Recipes.


  •  2 free range egg yolks
  •  2 tablespoons Djorn mustard
  •  Juice of a lemon
  •  1 teaspoon white wine vinegar
  •  100 ml extra virgin olive oil
  •  7-8 pickled cucumbers
  •  freshly ground black pepper
  •  2 tablespoons capers
  •  1garlic clove, crushed
  •  3 anchovies, drained and chopped
  •  small handful each of dill, lovage and tarragon, chopped
  •  1/2 red onion, chopped
  •  500gm red skinned potatoes, boiled till tender and cubed


  1. Blend yolks, lemon juice and vinegar till combined and with motor still running slowly add olive oil so that it emulsifiers into a mayonnaise.
  2. Mix remaining ingredients together with the mayonnaise, adding salt to taste.

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